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To fight or to let go?

Let go! Not for the memories or for the person, let go because it is what is best for you! Don’t let the situation, the person, or even that thing write your life. Instead, handle the situation, take the necessary responsibility, learn from the mistakes, and move forward. Continue reading

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Walk on (Past the point of no return)

It is really tough for me but with the help of Thank God Its Monday of Eric Thomas, the support of my classmates and the support of the people that care for me, and pure faith that even if it leads to my rock bottom, I just do it. Continue reading

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What a small ripple can do? Book Review in the book entitled The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson

We have learned that our values and philosophies produce our results by the simple and acts consistently done through time. We must love our own works and we must choose what the best is for us because only you could know what the best is for you based from your talents and skills. Just like what Jeff Olson said, double the rate of failure; fail forward learn from the experience because no one can steal from you that kind of knowledge. Wisdom cannot be given, it is only attained. Work your way towards your dreams so that you will let other people make their dreams come true. A must read! Continue reading

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Resolutions: How bad do you want it?

So you need to be very deliberate on what do you really want. You must identify the what, the when, the how. Continue reading

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The Pizza Hut Message… A Christmas Message

“You cannot out-do God for His generosity” Alvin Barcelona, Feast Builder, Feast Bay Area I hope you will be inspired with this message and a personal story of mine. I am attending a religious event called The Feast (for more … Continue reading

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