2016 will be a wrap!

It seems like yesterday that I am worrying about my on-the-job training as a senior college student; worrying my grades, my future job and what is sealed for me in the future and today, I am about to wrap up my lessons and experiences from this past year.

This year had been the most tragic year of my life (as of now), a bunch of disappointments, failures, and unclaimed goals but there are things that needs to be grateful for. I will highlight the three most down moments and three moments that blessed my life this 2016. Some blogger might just writing there own most successful moments of the year only but I have decided to include also the tragic moments not to to make you feel worst about life, neither it is just all about the most disappointing moments of my life but rather to highlight what I’ve learned from those situations.

The following stories are the moments that I am grateful for this year:

1. Finishing my College with a Bachelor of Library and Information Science (BLIS) Degree plus a Service Award for serving our school organization.

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Man, this is one of the things that I am really grateful for. I got to be honest, I thought that having the top position in an organization is easy, until I tasted this position. Being a Vice-President of one organization and being the over-all President is quite dead serious. I thought I got everything I need to lead the two organization but no, I am about to learn just the basics. Handling the said positions gave me sleepless nights and people stress.

From those pressures and stress,  I’ve learned that handling higher positions had a higher recognition but it requires a lot of responsibilities which sometimes includes a 7-day workweek; a leader must accept this kind of responsibilities 24/7.  Having this distinction in terms of service is the spring board that I need to develop my leadership traits and qualities in the professional field furthermore some administrators might look at me as a potential leader for their organization.

Aside from having a distinction, I am really grateful for having the said degree. To tell it honestly, being a librarian is not the first profession that I’ve chosen to take. It is a long story why I end up in this degree but I think it is just God’s direction. What I like to be someday is to be a teacher in the subject that I really like the most, social studies. But the way of God persists and I end up taking the Librarian’s Program in a University which primarily produces the country’s next teachers namely, Philippine Normal University. What I don’t know is that the librarian’s program in this university has this specialty of being a double degree graduate, one having a degree of librarian and the other one is being a teacher in the area of social studies. It is like the graduates in my school of my program are not just professional librarians but they are also professional teachers in the area of social studies. This is a big blessing that I earned my degree in this school because I got what I want to be while giving me more opportunities to serve.

2. Being employed as a school librarian.

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Delivering a staff development report with my colleagues

After graduating and taking a degree, basically all of the graduates are eager to have a job and help their respective families and not being different from the fresh graduates, I am also one of them. I am determined to find an institution in which it will teach me how to be a great librarian. Basically, I have told my story on how miraculously I had been employed in this institution through another blog but I want to highlight what I am grateful for of being employed in this institution.

First, I have a great mentor. I will not tell her name but she is one of the premiere school librarians in the country. She is the one of the people whom created a standard which all the students in the profession must be familiar to. Furthermore, she is very particular in terms of paper works and also reports that every librarian must know how to do and what makes me intimidated by her is that she is the mentor of my professor at the school that I’ve graduated to. Yes I got to be honest, sometimes I get tired of the things that she requires us to do but as the great quote said “No pain, no gain.”

And the other one is the working environment. There are tons of work, even if teachers used to say that librarians doesn’t do something in the library. A pile of professional works must be done plus the pressure of showing the value of the librarians in the school community are enough pressure for a librarian like me. Aside from that, the said school that I am working to is international competitive in terms of ISO Accreditation and other local accreditation agencies. Yes, there are still insufficiency in other things and some of them will test your work ethic and your personal values but the chance to learn and to grow from this organization is what I always stick unto my mind. No pressures, no diamonds.

3. Passing the Librarians Licensure Examination (LLE)

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My name included in  the list of passers in the Librarian’s Licensure Examination 

I think this is the highlight of my year! From entering college the very first day, passing the licensure examination is what every student in our University had in mind. It is only in the Philippines that a librarian is recognized as a professional in terms of legal basis that’s why we have this licensure examination to legally practice what we’ve learned during college.

Being a licensed librarian is everything and having the license is a sense of fulfillment that every blood, sweat, and tears that you’ve exerted during college is worth it. The license gives me more opportunities to learn more about myself, my capabilities, and how will I serve humanity better.

The following are my major disappointments of this year:

1. Not being in a Latin Honor in the graduation year

I am a goal-mindset person; before the start of every year, I am setting myself on what I need to achieve and I meditate on the thoughts until I become obsessed about it which means I will do everything to achieve that goal which makes me prone to depression. I’ve told you the story from a different blog (Walk on) on how devastating this for me. I’ve been in the Dean’s Lister for 4 consecutive years just to make me feel deserve to this kind of award and when the disappointment comes, man I don’t know what to do. The feeling of unfair crossed my mind.

2. A failed relationship

Just after the recent disappointment which is not graduating in the so-called “cream of the crop” of the batch, this girl came. I thought things will be alright, I thought this is a blessing in disguise until things happen, we fell apart. I don’t want to put details on how we met, how I fell in love with her, and how we end up. I am deeply in love with this woman and I don’t know if she has the slightest idea of that love. Just like an ordinary relationship, I put not just the minimum effort but the extra effort just to keep her but still, there are things that we cannot really control.

3. Not topping the Librarians Licensure Examination

As I am grateful for the license that I have earned, it is the other way around in terms of the results that I am expecting. Because of my failed pursuit in terms of my Latin Honors, I realigned my goal for having at least the top of the Licensure Examinations, thinking that I can make the people who rejected me, wrong for their decision of not including me in the awards.

The examination was September 20-21, 2016 and I started my review for the board examinations right after my graduation. I started reading what is needed to review, have the reviewers that I needed to have, scheduled the time of reviews and strategically creating reviewers just to have my expectation. Everybody is expecting especially my classmates because I consistently made  the Dean’s Lister  and maybe my professors.But is not the results that I’ve got.

So what I learned from those failures?

  1. Your plans are so small compared to what God had in mind.
  2. Yes, expectation might lead to disappointment but the courage to dream is more important than being in the comfort zone.
  3. Don’t look your feelings, look on the things that you learned along the way.
  4. “The journey is as important as the destination.”
  5. Don’t let a situation break you or un-motivate you but instead let it fuel you.

I got to be honest, on the last quarter of the year, life is so much to handle. It is really been a struggle because I look too much on disappointments and not on my blessings. It tends to suck my energy all the time and there are times that I am not happy on what I am doing. I stop my devotional time and start doing unproductive things; I even stop writing for this blog because I don’t feel like my efforts are answered and it is appreciated.

But today, as I end my 2016. It’s new things! It’s new perspective and it’s time to challenge our routines and the bad habits that we formed this 2016.

It is time to move forward! Welcome to your year, 2017!


About Carlo Gualvez

Librarian, Motivational Speaker, Author, Writer, Blogger I pursued this blog in order to touch lives and inspire others. For all the people reading this, you are free to ask questions and hopefully by the grace of God, I can answer it.
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