To fight or to let go?

“You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it. “

– Margaret Thatcher

Cellphones had been an essential personal item of a person in this generation because unlike the past years, it can just give you a communication in a way of texting and calling; today it is a whole different story. Cellphones today is the portable entertainment device from texting and calling to watching movies, playing games, listening to music, etc.; which means the perfect time killer. Aside from that, due to the trends in technology, phones had been also the companion of people for increasing their productivity in work: from note taking, scheduling or tracking of outputs.

With an entertainment, communication, and productivity advantage, who doesn’t want a good phone? ๐Ÿ™‚

With these reasons, I’ve bought my first smartphone in the product of my salaries from being a Student Assistant during my Second Year College and man; I cannot tell you how grateful and happy I am that time because that phone had been my first investment.

In every walk of life in the past, this phone had been my companion, from killing a dead time, texting different people, applying to a job, being grateful for receiving an award or trying to console a person, and even courting and being rejected by a girl. Totally, the phone had been that remarkable.

And the past days had been rough for my phone, it is starting to malfunction like it is starting to say goodbye and trying to do a last ride. There is a point that I’ve thrown my phone because of its malfunctioning. But I am trying to revive it, fixing here it and there, and tweaking programs.

And as I write this article, it finally said goodbye to me; this time when it is not in my budget to buy a new one and this time when there are huge expenses and salary deductions. But, I don’t have a choice but to move forward and buy a new one.

You let it burn you

This blog is not about the phone (just in case you are starting to think it is). I’m not trying to say that when your phone is malfunctioning, try to throw it and voila, it is repaired. No!

What I am trying to say is that there will be more benefit when we let go on some things and people in our lives; things and people that inspires us to change for the better, things and people that intoxicates us, things and people that destroys our lives, and even things and people that will just harm us.

Sometimes, we are so attached to the idea that this person had been so much time with me and he or she had been with me in every walks of life or even to the idea that I cannot leave this person because I know he or she is the one, not knowing that we are trying to deny the destructive part. We are trying to ignore what we know because we just want to be saved from the hurt of pruning and from the hurt of “no one will ever love me” statement.

So what happens when we are trying to ignore? It burns us, it destroys us, it gives us that “heavy feeling” by worrying so much. I remember when I am in the exam room during my board exams, you can really feel the tension and the heavy feeling with every person seated next to each other.

Let it be!

Let go! Not for the memories or for the person, let go because it is what is best for you! Don’t let the situation, the person, or even that thing write your life. Instead, handle the situation, take the necessary responsibility, learn from the mistakes, and move forward. Only you can do that, not your mama, not your papa, not that person, not that thing or situation, not your dog, it is only you!

Take responsibility; blame you because what is happening is based from your personal choice. On the first place you made that choice because you accepted everything what will happen. Taking responsibility is learning and learning is growing as a person.

If things or people becomes toxic, you need to detach forever or even for a while to rethink if the battle is worth it. So what if it is worth the shot? Control what you can control!

Re-evaluation: Control what you can control!

I’ve remembered what Inky Johnson said during a speech, “It is not more in the outcome, and it is more in the process.” We need to trust the process. Yes, not all outcomes will be followed based on what we really expect but what we cannot miss is the learning during the expectation time.

Yes, expect but do the equal effort and have the right attitude. When you expect bigger things, you need to do extra effort. The attitude is don’t do it for the sake of the end, do those things because you know you will learn from it. Are you trying to save that phone? Man, fix that first: do some tweaking or factory resets. Are you trying to save a broken relationship? Regain your position, do the effort. Have extra sweetness! Have extra humility! Have extra forgiveness! Have extra love! Are you trying to save money for the future? Have extra savings! Have extra effort in the temptation of spending! Have extra effort in sacrificing! Are you trying to pass an exam? Have extra time reading or studying! It is said that whatever the situation is, they might be smarter, they might be prideful, or it so broken, don’t be outworked! Refuse not to give your contribution! Don’t do it tomorrow, don’t do it next week or next year because you will not fix what is broken yesterday, you have to do it today! Some people said to me “Hey man don’t expect, the outcome might not equal to your expectation.” but they don’t know what my work ethic is, they don’t know what my capability in doing more or extra is!

What is not in your control?

After doing what is necessary, you let God move! Miracles cannot happen when you are moving your moves all the time. You let it go! If it is still broken, then you let go! As long you know you kept doing what is best to rebuild what is lost, there will be a time that you have to surrender. If a no is no or a wait is a wait then let it be. But never forget to reflect and learn ๐Ÿ™‚

So what know? You fight or you learn?

I am a firm believer that there is wisdom on both ends, either you fight the battle or you just accept what it is. That’s why when you are fighting, persistence and perseverance is the name. But life is a battle, whatever you will choose you will still be having a good fight with life because I know that every one of us is a warrior, in the inside and the outside! ๐Ÿ™‚


About Carlo Gualvez

Librarian, Motivational Speaker, Author, Writer, Blogger I pursued this blog in order to touch lives and inspire others. For all the people reading this, you are free to ask questions and hopefully by the grace of God, I can answer it.
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