The decision to let go

FEEL THEN HEAL! Emotional pain lasts for only 10-20 mins, anything longer is actually self inflicted by over thinking, making things worse.

– Daddy Obet Cabrillas, Via Twitter

I’ve been consistently doing things and being productive the past weeks: I’ve always followed my daily routines including studying the bible, reading self-help books for an hour and even spending time with God and praying but after a recent disappointment, life starting to be a trash again. Everything stops, from what I’ve always followed routine and I hate to say this, my prayers from being grateful turns to questioning. Recently, life punches me in the mouth and I’ve suffered a knock down.

For the past three weeks consecutively, it is very hard to continue especially when you lose every motivation in your body. From being productive and inspired weeks, it turns out the other way around.

Until, the past days, I’ve began to observe my life again, I realized that I’ve spend too much time feeling sorry for what happened; regretting and missing every happy moments while failing to live in the present. I’ve realized that I’ve become too attached to and failed to make a decision to move on. I’ve realized that I’ve let myself down too much that I’ve left my values and principles behind the process. For the past three weeks, I’ve become addicted to the feeling of regret, depression, and loss where in fact, happiness had been always the choice.

In this situation, what I’ve learned is there are times, life will try us and even though we thought we are strong enough to fight these battles, we will realize, we aren’t strong enough to endure everything but instead, our true strength is about to unveil. Life experience is indeed progressive: there are certain levels of difficulty.

Furthermore, emotion can really be a tricky one. We can choose to dwell or to leave the bad emotion as it is. Clinging to a bad emotion is very destructive to a person because regret, depression, and other stuff are hurting us in the inside. As the quote above indicates, it can only elapse from 10-20 minutes, more than that, it is self-destructive.

Finally, have less emotional attachment. I’ve learned that everything goes and no one, nothing is my property¬†or all of the plans that we set can happen; everything is in the plan of God, we just need to pray before every move and everything.

As a conclusion I want to share what I’ve done in the end:

As I’ve realized this stuff, I’ve made the firm decision; it is time to move on. I need to let this monkey out of my back. I need to learn the lessons which recurs over-and-over the hard way this time. Besides, I am tired of over-thinking of the future, worrying, having regrets, and maybe crying. It is time to get back up and time to walk on and just surrender everything to God because He is the only one who knew what really the cause is and what is the best for me.


Now, live today, as if it is your last!



About Carlo Gualvez

Librarian, Motivational Speaker, Author, Writer, Blogger I pursued this blog in order to touch lives and inspire others. For all the people reading this, you are free to ask questions and hopefully by the grace of God, I can answer it.
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