It is desperation time!


The Western Conference Finals Game 7: Thunders Vs. Warriors

“When you are in the point of desperation in which you don’t have any choice, courage comes in”

— Daddy Obet Cabrillas, Feast Builder


Golden State Warriors and Oklahoma City Thunders: Western Conference Finals

I really love sports especially basketball. I just not enjoy watching it on the television but also playing it myself. I have couple friends who taught me how to play; well don’t expect me like Stephen Curry nailing three-point-jumpers, like it was just throwing a paper in the trash can (well that’s pretty hard too) or like Kevin Durant and Lebron James making some crazy dunks; I ain’t like that bro. I am just playing for the purpose of enjoying the game and not making basketball as my profession.

I am not a whole Golden Warriors fan but I am more of a fan of Stephen Curry because I adore his faith in God and I am seeing his faith put into action by giving his best every play and watching the games of Golden State Warriors these past days, gave me a life insight.

We all know that these defending NBA Champions had been from a 3-1 deficit in a best-of-7 games for the Western Conference Finals whereas a one lose will mean that the season will be over for them and somebody will took their place as the new NBA Champions. And I’ve seen from my two eyes that they didn’t give up even if it is hopeless.

The game 6 and game 7 is the most critical game for the Warriors because it is a do-or-die. The thing is, seeing the first half of these two games especially the game 6, I thought that the Warrior’s season is a wrap, but no; miracles started happening on the second half of the two games. They always find a way to bounce back from the deficit, that’s why for a basketball fan, it is very electrifying to watch the past two games of the Western Conference Finals and in the end, Warriors will face the Cavaliers again in the NBA Finals.

Now, that’s desperate!

What I learned from this basketball game is really priceless because it gives us an idea of desperation. Whoa! Just because the word is desperate it does mean that it is negative but no. That is negative desperation, in which you are hurting physically, emotionally, spiritually, etc. and in the end you will not gain any good benefit from it in the end. But when we apply the word desperation towards our dreams like the board exams, like having a flat 1.00 or 4.00 in our grades, or seeing that money in our bank accounts, whoa, I don’t know what can happen!

Just like what I’ve seen in the Warriors and Thunders game, I’ve sensed the desperation in the part of the Warriors. Especially Klay thompson (got to give the guy a credit) he is not afraid to shot in the three-point-line even if it is too far or it isn’t sure it can hit the net; it takes a lot of guts and confidence but as you see, he needs to shot that three-pointers to get the lead. They will not come from behind if he will not step up for the game.

You see when you don’t have a choice but to reach your dream; when you don’t have a choice but to actually nail the nails in the coffins of your dreams. Desperation starts and most of the time, this desperation produces courage; that you don’t care what may happen to you or what kind of things or persons you will encounter, as long as you get to that dream.

How you produce good desperation?

Yes, most of us create desperation in beating deadlines; kind of our bad habit, creating adrenaline rushes when it is so close only to find out the time isn’t enough to produce quality works. So the questions might be, “so how you will do it?”

Simple, just recheck your reasons why you do things. You cannot get any further if you don’t have the “why” or the reasons why you do it.

Want to have a tip? The best reason you can have is to inspire! Inspire people that when they see you done it, they will have the inspiration to do it themselves. I think that it is one of the most fulfilling things I’ve ever set up in my mind. I’m doing things not for money, fame, or any material things but I want to inspire people that they can do it even if it is hard, they will eventually pass through.

Concluding words

Yep, it is hard! Yep, it is complicated! Yep, sometimes you will fall and sometimes you will lose! But remain committed, remain desperate, and remain working for your dreams because armed with good reasons, you can breakthrough out of that barrier and you can shine bright like a diamond. And even circumstances break you, have the mentality of desperation that in the end you will always win!

Stand up! You are God’s Powerful Champion!

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