What a small ripple can do? Book Review in the book entitled The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson


“Your happiness is affected by 1) your outlook, that is, how you choose to view the events and circumstances of your everyday life; 2) specific actions with positive impact—things like writing down three things your grateful for, or sending appreciative emails, doing random acts of kindness, practicing forgiveness, meditating, and exercising; and 3) where you put your time and energy, and especially investing more time into important relationships and personally meaningful pursuits.”

― Jeff Olson, The Slight Edge: Turning Simple Disciplines into Massive Success and Happiness

Title: The Slight Edge: Turning Simple Disciplines into Massive Success
Author: Jeff Olson
Publisher: Success Books, 2011
Personal Rating: 5 Stars (Life-Changing)

General Review

This is a concise and more understandable version of the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. I really like the idea that Olson said that our daily choices will eventually determine what kind of results we are going to have; choices that sometimes we look as irrelevant but it really matters. To make it more supported, Olson also cited some scientific theories and applications like momentum and quantum physics to make the readers see that the environment follows the rule that taught. What is the rule? Again it’s doing little and easy things that you had set for yourself. The thought was repetitive to leave a mark to the user that it’s just doing those small things. I really recommend the book for your future success in your career, health, finance, relationships, etc.

Specific Review:

After I read the ground-breaking book Think and Grow Rich, I think this book is the next in line. I learned a lot from this book but for your convenience, I will just summarize it to three insights.

Values and Philosophies will dictate your results

I remember during my sophomore year in college, my language professor ask each one of us what is our life philosophy. I don’t understand this at first but it made sense to me when I read this book because that philosophy will determine what kind of results you will produce. My professor is setting an expectation to us based from the philosophy that we are giving to her.

The philosophy is based from wisdom which we obtained through time from books, to people and from our own experiences. Basically, each one of us has our own philosophies but the question is: does that philosophy aligned to our goals? Your philosophy might be a pay is equal to the amount of effort produced, which means you will just exert effort if you have the good pay but your goal is to inspire people’s lives which most of the time doesn’t pay you good enough. What kind of results you think you will produce? I leave the answer to you.

Set your values and philosophies based from your dreams.

Your decisions and choices are your power!

Have you felt the idea of having supernatural powers like Superman or any other DC or Marvel Heroes? I tell you already have the power; and that is your choices. You have the capacity to choose what kind of destiny you want in your life based from your tastes, talents and other unique characteristics that you have. Choosing doing things are according to your dreams and not the ones which are irrelevant will give you a little but relevant step

On the other hand, choices can also bring you lower the lines. What seems comfortable today and adapting the mindset “it won’t hurt me so bad” will bring us down. It can give you the worst situations that you have never imagined and it will pull you away from your dreams. That’s why some of us are having diabetes because they adapted the mindset “No, it’s just for today” and later on they will do those things again; that’s why they are not having the financial independence because they cannot make the decision to invest it in something worthwhile.

I don’t know about your dreams but if you feel that what you are doing is not something worthwhile towards your dreams; instead of taking little steps towards you dreams, you are doing the opposite, you are taking little steps away from your dreams. And later on, you will realize you are too far away from that dream and looking at the reality, you are the opposite of your dreams.

I want you to get the most out of your life by making the decisions that with has the accordance with your dreams. If you will choose the sidetracks, it’s in your decision but keep in mind that a small mistake is a big mistake.

It is easy to do; it is also easy not to do

The author quoted several times this quote from Jim Ron. The author said that our dreams are just big stuffs that must be trimmed down to little small things that we must do every day to achieve it. Because of the idea of being small things, it is easy to do it but the thing is, because of being “easy”, most of the time we compromise ourselves and leave everything in deadline. In our jobs and schools, surely there is a deadline and most of us beat it before the day our projects and assignments must be passed but in life, death will be your deadline and you cannot beat the deadline and fulfill your dreams before the day it comes. Furthermore, the author also mentioned that the greats just done the easy tasks with commitment and in-time until it become a habit. We must not be bumped by the idea “tomorrow” “5 minutes more” because those little decisions, again, might not affect you for now but on some reasons, a day will come that it will affect you. He just said that impossible things just takes more time and we must remain committed to that thing.

Another thing is we think that the small things don’t really matter. Like setting a stupid plan that will eventually change or just biting a quick chocolate bar in midst of our diet, it really matters. The author taught the way of faith based from Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich. Most of us didn’t see things through small things or if we aren’t getting any visible results based from the little things that we are doing, we quit and say “it is not effective” or “It will not work” but a man of faith, will make things work by consistently trying and doing the small things because he knows deep down inside that those small things will be in compounding effect and eventually a visible result will be shown.

So what is the challenge for this one? I want you to keep the faith which means doing the small things even if you cannot yet see the results. I tell you, it will take a while and a lot of blood, sweat, effort, and tears might be exerted but eventually, it will be shown just like how Thomas Edison, finds a way to build the light bulb or how Henry Ford finds the way to build a car. It will be shown! Just keep believing and no one in the world will believe in your dream more than like you do!


We have learned that our values and philosophies produce our results by the simple and acts consistently done through time. We must love our own works and we must choose what the best is for us because only you could know what the best is for you based from your talents and skills. Just like what Jeff Olson said, double the rate of failure; fail forward learn from the experience because no one can steal from you that kind of knowledge. Wisdom cannot be given, it is only attained. Work your way towards your dreams so that you will let other people make their dreams come true. A must read!






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