Admit mistakes

Saturday, I am struggling to get out of bed because normally, this day is no show in school; no work and long sleep but today, its a change so today’s highlight is all about the duty that I have in the Thesis Section of our library.

It happens when I’ve deleted something important because of organizing the files that has been assigned to me. Yep, at first cold sweats started to pour in my face to think, that section is fully-air-conditioned. Well, the first thing that I said is the word “sorry”. All of of my co-intern really make fun out of me and they said that I do it all the time.

At first because I am kind of knowledgeable in manipulating data in computer, I thought I will easily discover what must be done but I am wrong, it really took me a long time to figure it out. During the process of manipulating data, I said to myself that I will not quit on this and I will surely find the way but the opposite happens.

I really felt bad in the situation but I admit my mistake. We all feel bad when we are doing wrong or clumsy things, its okay but you are not stupid. Its okay to fail; its okay to feel bad; its okay to relapse but admit your mistakes and learn from them because admitting mistakes are not being stupid it just means that you are open in the learning in the situation; it means that you are humble enough to say to them that not all things are known by you.

So what I have learned? Assess always the situation, plan before executing and do the plan As and Bs, if you failed yet again, admit, learn and start all over again but remember according to Albert Einstein, insanity is doing the same thing all-over again expecting different results.

Now, admit, plan then execute for the year of execution!


About Carlo Gualvez

Librarian, Motivational Speaker, Author, Writer, Blogger I pursued this blog in order to touch lives and inspire others. For all the people reading this, you are free to ask questions and hopefully by the grace of God, I can answer it.
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