Resolutions: How bad do you want it?


“When you decide to change, that’s only the first step, the next steps will be the hardest”

After a sinful holidays where all the foods that we ate are far from our diets; after the party that we have gone through this coming past year, New Year will come forth and you know what is popular when this time comes aside from firecrackers and polka dots, its setting up our resolutions for the coming year, which is now, 2016: fresh start, fresh experiences, and fresh feelings.

In my family during my childhood, when New Year comes, my mom used to say to us that we enlist our New Year’s resolution and when 12 am hits the clock, before we eat, we, children will have to read what’s on our list and say to the family that we will change this kind of behavior, and that time, it felt like I am always going to confession box when I am writing  my New Year’s resolution and it felt like talking to the priest when I am saying all the things that I will change; so most of the time, when I finished all the readings in my list, my breath will lighten up. You might be asking, what is my usual New Year’s Resolution? I am glad you ask and here is the following:

  • I will be more patient
  • I will study harder
  • I will pray more
  • I will save coins in my piggy bank
  • I will be more good sibling
  • I will be more good son
  • And much more… (Being thin or lose weight is not included since I already losing weight. It’s more like gaining weight)

You see, I am not different from you, this are the usual resolutions that I set-up to myself. So what is the result of these resolutions? Nothing, I just said it. No accountability; no commitment that I will change. I do not really want that things badly but after shift, I nailed three out of four goals that I had set-up for myself this year.

In this blog, I will personally teach you on how to empower that resolution of yours that every time you think about it, you will feel more comfortable to feel accountable about yourself. And I think you will really change.

Tip 1: Be specific

When I am in our management class, our professor said that when we are planning, we must be very specific in our plans in which we must set the target time frame, audience, place, the activities involved in the process and what extent of implementation do we want. So you as the manager of your life, what are your plans? Okay you want to lose weight but did you target how much pounds and when do you want to achieve it completely?

Breaking to pieces

So you need to be very deliberate on what do you really want. You must identify the what, the when, and the how. Most of our goals are very broad in which we are overwhelmed when we think about it. Instead of feeling motivated when we are thinking about it, we felt lazy because of the overwhelming. To avoid the feeling of being overwhelmed by the things that we are going to do, we must break it into pieces. If it’s losing weight, you might think running, jumping jacks, curl-ups, or other things related to losing weight. Next is set a little set of numbers on how many you will do it maybe counts or amount of time that you will spend on that thing; the little, the better to make it more easier for you. So if it is curl-ups, maybe a 10-count will do.

This is how you break these enormous goals into pieces. Pretty simple huh? No. You are just planning!

Tip 2: Set your reasons

This is the critical part; we are now setting reasons why you do what you do. Reasons or your “why” as stated by motivational speakers are the integral part of every planning or change of your life. It gives you boost or morale when you are so down; it will give you motivation when you are so tired from everything.

Looking back at those resolutions, I want you to ask this question to yourself, “Why do I want this in my life?” Is it more all about getting healthy or it is more about acceptance? Is it more investing in you or just investing what other will think about you? I don’t know what you like but based on my experience investing what other people will think about you is not good fuel for your dreams because you may like their acceptance in the end but you may not like the process you may go through when you are achieving that goal.

I personally said in my previous blog that the reason I play piano in the past is for acceptance by other people. Well as of now, all I know is the basic and nothing is happening since then because I discovered that I need to redefine by priorities.

Rather than focusing on what other people will think about you, I want you to invest in what way you will touch the lives of other people. In terms of losing weight, a good reason might be “I want to be the inspiration that obese people can still lose weight. In terms of achieving a higher grade, a good reason might be “I want to appreciate what my mom sacrifices for my studies.” In this way, you let other people push you indirectly because you want to bless their lives even though they might not want you; your only mission is to bless them.

Your “why” will give you an extra push when you are too tired to keep going.

Tip 3: Are you ready for a lifetime commitment?

This will be the hardest of all and this decision will change your life: are you ready to commit yourself to the process? Are you ready to be filtered out by the values that you had set for yourself? Are you ready to give up those bad habits to have the habits that you really want and need? And most importantly, are you ready to sacrifice well to great?

I tell you, once you answered all to this as yes with all your mind and soul, you are making yourself a covenant and this covenant is a promise that you are setting towards yourself. It will bind you between your dream and yourself. Saying this is just the first step, and the next step will be the hardest because our will power will be tested. This decision will filter out your true intentions because in the road, everything is painful because we need to learn but still the question is, are you ready to shoulder the pain to become stronger? Just like handling a dumbbell, 10 repetitions will hurt at first because the muscle isn’t developed or used to that kind of pressure but later on, it won’t hurt because it is getting used to that kind of pain, it needs more pressure to stretch it.

There will be time that you will stop and there will be setbacks because you are just starting but because you made the covenant to keep going and you set-up that reasons, you will still continue to push forth.

Now, its execution!

I want you to get a piece of paper and set all the specific things that you want to change this 2016 or what goals do you want to achieve? List as many as you can but make it sure it’s specific. After that, set your reasons why you do want that kind of thing in your life. Treat yourself right so that goals that have clean and honest intentions will be only selected. Now, after setting up your reasons, it’s time to ask yourself, are you ready to “not to quit” and eliminate all the negative or unnecessary things that aren’t compatible with your dream? I think, many of the listed that you have in the first are trimmed after getting to this part!

Remember the next year will be your year! Many of the achievements that you had never had will come to you automatically. Even if you don’t like it, it will be forced to you because great people are the magnets of great things; like attracts like.

Now fire up, live up and make your 2016 goals as milestones!

Happy New Year!



About Carlo Gualvez

Librarian, Motivational Speaker, Author, Writer, Blogger I pursued this blog in order to touch lives and inspire others. For all the people reading this, you are free to ask questions and hopefully by the grace of God, I can answer it.
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