It will never be easy: Insights from Kerygma Conference 2015: Coming Home


“In following God, it will never be easy but God wants you to know that you are amazing!”

  • Justin Fatica, Plenary Speaker, Kerygma Conference

I have mentioned that I am a Feast Manila Attendee (for more information, please click this blog) and once a year, we are having the biggest conference in which different speakers are going to talk about the different aspects of life. In a year, different attendees of different branches of Feasts came together just to hear different inspirational speakers around and to learn also. It is our biggest event for the year.

When He wants me to attend

At first, when I saw all the video advertisement, I didn’t want to go because of two reasons: I don’t have the enough money to attend the event and I don’t have the companion. I will be a loner again. HAHA! But as soon as God gave me the companions that I need, I’ve allotted my budget for this year’s Kerygma Conference but as I calculate everything, I’m bit depressed on how money will be drained after I bought the ticket. I calculated, my fare (it’s bit too far), my lunch, and my expenses in school, rationalizing and reasoning says I am going to be broke after that with no money left in my bank account and no more expenses and leisure time but I am convinced that I will go, I just have faith that everything will just be fine.

So I’m a in into Facebook one day and I’ve seen a raffle for the ticket in Kerygma Conference for Youth and it said that do an advertisement thing and tag 10 people for a person to have a ticket. At first, I didn’t do it because I am in doubt that I may not even have the chance to win a ticket because of a big wave of teens that also want to win a ticket but that changed suddenly when one of my friends tagged me to the post. So I became interested and do my thing. I don’t remember what exactly I’ve put in there but all I know is I’ve made it convincing enough for me to win. Well, miracle happens, I got chosen and I have my own ticket for me to attend but wait there’s more!

In the last three to four sessions of the Feast before the Kerygma Conference, there are also give away tickets through catching a colored ball being thrown away through the crowd. In the last session before the Conference, I am asking people who will attend and there is a certain person in our group that cannot attend because of money constraints so before throwing the balls part, I’ve prayed to God, “Lord, this will be for her or the person that will accept this. I know deep down inside because of this event you will bless her or him so much that you will make that person happy and feel more blessed.” So I go up, hoping that ball will be thrown away in that position. In aisle of cinema, there is only one person seating and everything is vacant so which means I can run and truly chase that ball. (I know its God’s work clearing that aisle) So when the ball was thrown away, I think it comes to me, No wait, it really comes to me so with two hands, I secured the ball and got it! I gave that to the person who needs it most and I think she felt blessed about it.

As I remember this situation in my life, God didn’t just give me what I need of my heart but He uses me to bless other people.

What I learned from the event

So this is what really matters, what I learned from the event which I think blessed me so much is the following:

Failures, rejections, and depression are the state in which you will see God’s greatness
When we are so broken down to pieces and it feel like nobody cares and we are alone, this is where shows up himself and cares for you. Do you feel rejected, failure, or depressed? God is facing you face-to-face and looking you straight in the eye and saying to you, “I believe you son/daughter that’s why you don’t need that  because it will just cause you harm.” or even “Son, just keep trying you are three feet from Gold, don’t give up, its nearly there!” God has become our ultimate cheerer and also our personal coach in life. All of the people, situations, friends, or maybe even family may walk out of your life when you are pursuing that goal but God will never run away from you. One thing must always be kept in mind, we must know on how to listen. Different speakers in the Conference shared their moments of failure but some of this failures can be skipped if we just listen to God Himself, our personal coach because he is the true way to happiness.

Do you want to know God more or do you want to experience His presence? Pray! Bo Sanchez said in the conference said that in praying we must not just ask and ask but instead be grateful; 99% gratefulness and 1% asking. Just be grateful in every minute and every second of the day.

Be Courageous

Praising Him in the church is the comfortable part of being a Christian but what makes the situation hard is when you proclaim Jesus Christ outside and do all the right thing. Yes, it is hard because, you will keep yourself accountable, you will have a mighty persistence in persecution and the most important, you need to learn. Learning in a way that most of the time painful in your part and sometimes will make you shatter into pieces. This is very challenging because you need to be honest; you need to have a set of personal values for you to have a good and genuine life because when life gets shaky, that set of values with God will hold you, it will be your life vest. You might be asking? Is the battle worth in the end? You bet! Learning is the seed and what comes when there is a seed? There is a plant, and when there is a plant, there is a fruit! God needs fruitful people that are why He breaks you to produce more seeds to become more fruitful.

So keep being courageous towards all the aspect of life. Keep charging above cancer, keep charging above family issues, keep charging above rejections and other types of trials because at the end of the day, it will be worth it.

You’re amazing! It’s in you!

Greatness is upon you, it’s time for you to act like it according to Eric Thomas. In the conference, we are reminded how great we are, how amazing we are and how blessed we are all the time. So what is the challenge? Share the blessings and keep reminding people how amazing they are so that they can bless more people. In our society, most of the teens or maybe adults look themselves too low or they have a low worth in themselves but when we remind them how amazing they are or how blessed they are, what kind of world would this be with all the people sharing their contribution for the perfection of the world. But how can we do it if we ourselves are responsible for bringing people down? How can we do it if we bullied them that they aren’t great or they are not amazing? With every life that you see is greatness, just learn on how to appreciate them.

So if you are the low self-esteem person or used-to-be low self-esteem person, the challenge for you is to let other people who are suffering that kind of lowness that they aren’t alone. They have somebody who already did it; inspire other people through your story. That’s the essence of our failures and being courageous, its sharing our lives towards them, its inspiring them to go back to Christ: that they can conquer what challenge that they are currently facing!

As for me?

I am a porn-addict and I used to masturbate a lot while watching porn 30 days ago (I am writing this in December 22, 2015) I like to please people, I like to feel appreciated and valued all the time, I don’t want rejection and failures, I am perfectionist, still today, I am short-tempered and there are things I do and say because of anger, I am not even a good brother or a son, I complain a lot and I emphasize other people’s wrong doings because I really like putting people down to lift me up! I have a low self-esteem because of bullying that’s why I court girls to make me feel accepted. You see, I am really a bad person but by the grace of God, I am forgiven, I am loved, I am accepted, I am changing for the best because I know, I’m amazing because He make me amazing by dying in the cross! I don’t need your approval through this blog! I don’t need your likes and I don’t need your sharing, I just want you to understand the message and let it pierce through you heart, that you are amazing and you can change the world by saying to other people also that they are amazing!

I’ve never been so honest before but I know this honesty will make you realize that you are amazing!

Embrace lessons; be courageous because you are amazing!

Live out, live up, and fire up!

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