Don’t Cry, Whine!

Heavy hearts, like heavy clouds in the sky, are best relieved by the letting of a little water. 

  • Antoine Rivarol


I was a former leader of an organization and I was handling two clubs that time. It’s really hard because I have this challenge in myself that I need to please the two organizations while handling my own principles of leadership. The thing is, I am too much particular on what people will say about me which results in doing things in rush or not doing things without people pushing me or other people will not compliment me from what I do. I have this feeling that if they didn’t compliment me, I am a failure and the activity that I will set is also a failure. This pattern continues until I met our new club adviser.

We are in our last activity for the club with the handling of new adviser. This adviser is also my professor so I bit know her. Well, I thought that everything is the same even if the adviser changes, so I kept doing the same things until she gave her feedback in my performance. Well, even if the voice is good and appealing, the message really hit me and this happened not once but twice.

First time, its good and I can handle the emotion and on the second time, I really can’t handle it and I cried. I whine in front of my professor. Well, she even gave me a tissue to wipe my tears. At first, I said, “Ma’am don’t mind me just keep going. I will just channel my emotions” but she stopped and just let me whine. I don’t know but it might be the first time that she seen a whining student crying in front of her or maybe first time to seen a man whining. Every time I remember this, I am embarrassed to myself but it gave me a lesson in life.

We all know the statements “Don’t cry like a baby” or “Don’t cry like a gay” and these are the usual statements that make us feel more bad because we believe that we are a baby or a gay (in men) when we whine. Majority of the people today believes that when you cry, you must not let other people see it or you must minimize the people in order for you just to cry!

Crying makes you stronger, makes you rejuvenated as a person. It makes you channel out negative feelings that needed to be channeled out. It makes you feel new after you cry. It gives you the motivation to start all-over again.

So let’s compare people who are not crying from those who are crying:
What are you feeling when you are not crying? It is heavy isn’t it? So what will you do? Yes, some of you will write this thing in a journal or in a blog. Some may compose a song or some may write a poem but not all people will channel this feeling in productive ones. Some of them will be poured out into their addiction, especially in men which is porn. Some people will just eat more and gain a weight. But compare this one to the people who are whining, all feelings are channeled out, all the negative emotions are being released.

Why not just cry?

Most people are crying but never get back-up! I need you to get back-up after that emotional state. That’s why I need you to whine not just cry because, when you are after that I need you to adopt the mindset that after whining, its finished and you will never be going back to that emotional state again. You will start over and everything that makes you emotional must be eliminated in your life. As stated by Eric Thomas, don’t cry to give up, cry to keep going!

How to cry to keep going?

We all have reasons why we cry, it might be financial problem, family problem, a recent rejection, being rejected by a man or woman, don’t stop yourself being in that emotion; respect your emotion. Whine! Pour every single tear in that moment, it’s your moment. Make sure it will be worth it to cry and savor each moment because after you stop crying, there is no going back! Move on and start all-over again! I say to you, you feel more motivated because you channeled-out that negativity out of your body. All of the energy left in your body is positive so get back-up and don’t go back!

Crying and whining is a feeling that needs to be respected. It’s never a sign of weakness; it’s a sign of a tired body that needs rest. Just like stated above, it’s just a heavy cloud that needs to pour out. So pour that out then let the sun shines once again.

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