Toughen up, Keep Believing!

Where your focus, that’s where the energy goes

  • Eric Thomas


Have you remembered anything in your life that you have given your all in and nothing is happening? Have you ever been in a situation in which you are tiring up because you aren’t getting the results? I am telling you today, don’t never give up! Don’t never give in!

Waiting and having faith

I have discussed the difference of these two things in another blogs but I want to emphasize their difference in this blog.

I’ll explain the context in a form of a story.

There is a job opening in a company in which they require a journalist and the qualification is college graduate. From the job opening, there are two men who are aspiring for the job. One is a class-man with an educational attainment that will surely qualify him for a job but he is more concerned with the pay and instant cash. On the other hand, here is a guy who comes from a poor family. He only finishes secondary school and from that point, in a logical belief, he is hopeless because he isn’t qualified for the job but he is more concerned with the experiences that he will have in the company.

As both of them are attended in the interview, the job was given to the class-man but to the surprise of the interviewer, the poor man offered his services for free in exchange, all of the staff will check his works. While the class-man after he have the job, he just do his job in average.

So, I will just leave it there and I will ask you, who do you think became more successful in their chosen field? The man who are more focused in the money to become successful or the man who are focused more in the experiences?

Faith is what the poor man projected. He believes that he will get the job. He believes that he pour-out his best and he learn from the experience and he knows, he will get the things done even if he started nothing.

The other man is more on waiting, what if he haven’t that job, what he will do? He will find another job to have that kind of money. Its more passive rather than active.

Mental Toughness

Now, what I admire to all the people who work their way to the top is mental toughness, in short, they love what they do and they will never cease to do something about their dream even if circumstances will never permit it.

Mental toughness is patience: believing that results will come and you are more positive that it will come even if the current situations are not seeing progress. You as a person are just doing your contribution to make it happen, to get the positive results, to make your broken family become one someday again, to bring up the grades that once failed. In short, you are doing one-twenty to your goals, flat-out!

Mental toughness is consistency. You never cease to put the same effort over-and-over again. Because you love what you do and you believe in something, pouring the same thing is easy for you.

And most importantly, mental toughness has a vision to hold. When you are having a vision towards yourself and you have a BIG purpose of achieving a dream, focus is the by product. Focus on the big and the brighter side. If a bad situation happens to you, don’t focus on it, remember you dreams, that makes you positive. Most people are too focusing on the future; worries that are coming in their own minds. They mostly said, “it might not work” , “it is not enough” or “Its impossible”. Stop that thoughts! Bounce back! When you are so focused on achieving that vision alone; when you are so focused on the purpose of your dreams, you will live in the present and not worrying in the future. When that dream that had been trained to clinched in your mind, you don’t care on how big or how long the road or the journey might be, you only focused on achieving the goal.

Having mental toughness while achieving your specific goal is like having a superpower because no matter what the situation, what other people will say to you or how will bring you down, it will never be over until you have the one vision that you have.


It will never always be easy! It will never just slipped through you, you have to work hard and give all the sacrifices that the dreams require. Don’t despair too much on the future, worrying on the negative impact that might happen. Just equip and brace yourself what might happen BUT, it doesn’t mean, it will happen! Once you prepare, drop the idea, then focused on your dreams. Give everything you got!

Live, Fire up, Power up!


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