AlDub: What I have learned from #TamangPanahon

Lahat ng bagay, pinaghihirapan, pinagsusumikapan at hinihintay sa tamang panahon

— Lola Nidora, Kalye Serye Character

I am not fan of the so-called “teleserye” especially in the Philippine because of the messages that it is giving to the youth: its okay to be a mistress or its okay to have a mistress. Its not really cool. So I will rather play in my phone or read a book than to watch a movie or television.

But there is a difference when I watched KalyeSerye. Yes, at first, it is all about getting electrified and all of that but after few episodes, I am impressed on how characters imposed the values of patience. Alden cannot court Maine until he can do all the things that Lola Nidora wants. Alden had done all those things resulting on a meeting, a date, and a date in Lola’s Mansion. What makes it more impressing is the honesty for love, the sacrifice, the respect on elderly, and other good values that today’s generation must have.

But what makes the difference is when I watched the “Tamang Panahon” show. The rewards of all “hard” things are paid. They now saw and touch other without any hindrances. They can now look at each others eyes and saying thank you in the most spontaneous way; in-person. They are maybe saying on that day that it is all worth-it!

After watching the show, I remember the quote from Les Brown which he said, “The harder the battle, the sweeter the victory.” There is more joy in the rewards after the long wait and never-imagined patience that we manifest in the process. The rewards are more valuable if we know to ourselves that it comes from our blood, sweat and tears. i am not Alden to feel what he really feels but I can feel the gratefulness power during that time through looking the situation of both of them.

This generation has been busy indulging themselves in the instant mentality without minding the effects toward them. I am also guilty of this, but after watching and feeling the feeling of gratefulness towards the two of them, I am more determined and hunger to wait not just for the woman that I will love but also through my dreams and visions. I am more motivated towards my passion knowing that it will come. I am more hungrier to chase the dream that I have once longed dream because I know, it will come because, manifestations of a good victory will always come not just in AlDub but through hearing the stories of people around us.

My message? Let us be patient towards our goal and dreams. Yes there will be setbacks and there will be failures but learn from them and use them to make another step. Persevere, even if it is hard, even if it is impossible at first, it will happen just be assertive that it will happen. Don’t quit and the word give up may never came across our minds!

Lets make this happen!


AlDub Tamang Panahon image: Zeibiz. AlDub sets new Twitter record, collects 39.5M tweets for #AlDubEBTamangPanahon. 2015.


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