Still Grateful for another life!

If you live each day as if it was your last, some day you’ll most certainly be right

— Steve Jobs

Morayta, Manila where the situation happened

Cool Spot

Travelling home from school today, I am so excited to go home because I get the rest, I get the study, and I get the comfortable time with myself early as I expected. Due to the nature of being a working student, there are times I go home very late. In this day, I am so early: 1 in the afternoon.

I get to a Jeepney (our transportation in the Philippines) for a ride towards home and I get to position on the last corner of the vehicle, my favorite spot. I am expecting that I will be early because there is no traffic that time. I am just relaxing until we get to Lerma Street, near Morayta.

Manila City Jail Inmate

We, the passengers, are relaxing to our seats at that time until we heard gunshots. I’m going to be real, I don’t know the sound of gunshots. I just recognize it because the driver is so alert as well as my co-passengers. I am not in panic even I heard it because our driver is so protective, he moved the jeepney even if the stoplight is on signal of stop. Even if I want to get off the vehicle, I can’t because there are gunshots, I can be hurt.

Then there is a man came to our Jeepney. He demanded the driver to move the jeep. Gunshots continued. At that time, I started to alert myself when he started to change position until he seated beside me. He said to the driver to move the jeep or else I will be stabbed. In this statement, scare and fear started to crawl over me. I just mentioned, “God, please help me.” Until a man, then city jail officials came over the jeep and knocked out the man. I just realized that this man had nearly escaped the prison and he surrendered only to find out he doesn’t even have weapons or knife. He said that he only want to see his son or daughter and have mercy on him. I have seen gun reloaded with bullets and blood started to spill on the jeepney’s floor to neutralize the man and after that he was escorted back to the prison.

I was only thankful God saved me and even the man and experience is so scary, I started to emphasize with him.

What I have learned?

I have learned that I have fears during that situation, fears which I cannot longer say I Love You, Thank You and Sorry to the persons that deserve these words. I regret during that time, the time that I spill or wasted to achieve my goals. I am the bread winner of my family someday because I am a first-born and that time, death is near over me. I got to admit, I am not ready that time.

What I learn is to say I love you, thank you and I am sorry to the persons that needed them as long as I am alive. To give hope and embrace people as long as I am alive. I learned to seize the day! Carpe Diem! I learned to be grateful for the things that I have and forgive my enemies.

Even if the situation is so scary, I am thankful for that because I have seen its message. With so many time, with so many jeepneys, buses, and other public utility vehicles that time, with so many passengers that time, and with so many people that time, why me?

Friends, don’t let a situation of death near you until you realize that you have to seize the day.


About Carlo Gualvez

Librarian, Motivational Speaker, Author, Writer, Blogger I pursued this blog in order to touch lives and inspire others. For all the people reading this, you are free to ask questions and hopefully by the grace of God, I can answer it.
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2 Responses to Still Grateful for another life!

  1. maxdave24 says:

    Man that was close! I’m glad you’re okay man. Indeed death is just around the corner. We should grab the opportunity to treasure the people around us. Reunion at end of sem? 🙂


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