Rise up! (Rise up, Take up your Mat and Walk on)

You come too far to only come this far– Eric Thomas


I know the feeling, that the situation is too hopeless and most of the time you are even rejected.

girl-rejecting-man girl-rejecting-man2

I love women and I respect them but before I came to this mentality, I was addicted in the feeling of self-approval. I court girls not because I really love them but I court them just because I want a person who will accept me the way I am because that time, I cannot even accept my weaknesses. Rejection are always reappearing time after time and to the point that I do not want to marry anymore and just to enter the seminary and become a priest because rejection are not ceasing causing my self-esteem to be more down-to-the-earth.

During this time, I always ask myself the question “what is wrong with me?” and “Am I not handsome enough” leading to the statement “I am not handsome”. In this situation, I already give up.

You might say, “damn that’s too shallow”. Yeah its really shallow but have you ever considered that shallow things become deep to us? What makes the situation become a deep wound is because we feed it in our mind by the negativity we have in our body.

That situation is only one of the many situation that I faced. Friends, you will face more “heavier” rejections and situations in the future because rejections make you stronger.


The situations and rejections have their lessons. Believe in that statement. You, me and nobody knows it all. The fact that we are hurt in that situation is giving the idea that we cannot understand. Knowing that every situation have their lessons makes you a more humble person. Its accepting that you did not know and opening yourself to be taught by the experience.

What makes a person inhibit his or her reflection in the rejection? Feelings that overrides your mind are the factor.



In our generation, I observed that the decisions that we are having are based from the feelings that we have. If it is unfair to us, we want to have the so called “equality”. We are not basing our decisions from what is good for all. Justice cannot be done because we have equality. Friends, let us open our hearts. Let us think and base our decisions from what will be the common good.


For every feelings is nothing but for every principle is a promise–Eric Thomas

The lessons that you learn from every rejections are the sword and shield that you will use in the future in short, you are not remaking history.

Let me give you a poem regarding our topic entitled Rise

rise (1) Rise


Life may broke you down
But it doesn’t mean you will stay down
Rise! Not because you had to
But because you need to.

And when you rose from that situation,
I could tell, you are not just a champion
You are also a powerful nightingale
For the people who waited for a miracle.

For last, watch this video to have more information regarding rejection.


About Carlo Gualvez

Librarian, Motivational Speaker, Author, Writer, Blogger I pursued this blog in order to touch lives and inspire others. For all the people reading this, you are free to ask questions and hopefully by the grace of God, I can answer it.
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