The Place Where Broken Hearts Gets Healed (Dare to be a Builder) — The Feast Manila Sixth Anniversary Session





There are many miracles happening in six years

Daddy Obet Cabrillas

My experience in Feast Manila (A broken heart gets healed)

Its only been a half year since friends of mine invited me to attend the Feast Manila. And that time, I was really devastated due to a rejection. The word BURN would really describe the best what I felt before. Bitter and negative thoughts are consuming my mind which also crushes my soul. During my first session, which is the Christmas special of the Feast Manila, God gave me the best gift that I have received, feeling his presence. I don’t know but every words that the speaker is saying that day is like a fast arrow that  always shot towards my heart and later, I just can’t help but to felt the tears that are rolling in my eyes, to think that I even try to stop the tears because I don’t want to be seen by my buddies crying. From that point beyond, I continue to attend the Feast, even when I am alone because I feel that I am talking to God every time and as I continue this practice, my broken heart gets healed and suddenly, I’ve find a purpose… Be the Builder of each person as reflected from the message of the Feast Manila Anniversary.

The Message of Feast 6 Pack anniversary

  • Brother Monching’s Message
    • In the first talk of Brother Monching  who used to be an attendee of Feast Manila, and now a Feast Builder in Feast Marikina, he pointed out two things first, we are the tool of God. Symbolizing a hammer, he said that a hammer builds something, recreates something and most importantly fixes something. He also argues that THEY are not the only builders who builds persons, we, the feast attendees are also builders who are tasked to inspire and bring out the best from people so that they will be able to realize their own talents. Sharing the true meaning why feast builders are called builders and not pastors, which means TO BE MORE LIKE JESUS EVERYDAY, he pointed out that the role of builders are not easy. But declaring that God sent these “hard” challenges in our life to make us stronger person is the next message of Brother Monching. He associated the muscles of our body to our strength. The body must be pushed through in order to outlast and conquer next level of pain and if we can already outlast it, we must increase the level of difficulty in able for us to become stronger. Muscles are the product of your body and a sign  that you outlast a painful experience of body-building. Just like our spiritual muscles, even though we are not seeing it, these muscles are developing whenever we battle trials and difficult situations. God is your spiritual fitness trainer and he already assured that the pain that he set for you is enough for your strength and you can outlast it making you a stronger person than before
  • Daddy Obet’s Message
    • .Daddy Obet’s message is all about God’s strength. He believes that Jesus has this six-pack abs. Daddy Obet said that the six-pack abs is the core in fighting in which if your core is too weak, the enemy will easily defeat you but if this core is too strong, he assures that you can outlast it until the enemy exhausts
      1. Faith: Daddy Obet emphasizes that faith is believing in a God who believes in you. He believes in your dream much more you believe in your dream and the key is to surrender these dreams unto God so that it must be done according  to what’s best for all and his interests.
      2. Family and Friends: Your family is one of your base. Daddy O said that Feast Manila attendees may not be a family in blood but we belong in a one big happy family and that is the Feast Manila
      3. Fitness: Fitness is one of also the core because this fitness is the energy to achieve your dream and also it will bring you a longer life. Daddy Obet, shared the reason he wants to have a long life and that is to see the us, the Feast Manila Attendees achieving our dream in the future.
      4. Finances: There is no good and bad money according to Daddy Obet, it only depends on the person who handles the large sum of money.
      5. Freedom: Freedom according to Daddy Obet is the freedom to achieving your dream and there are no boundaries and distractions that are before you. There are no unintelligent person in the whole world, there is only a person who doesn’t know how to be free from the distraction around him or her (Addictions and other related things)
      6. Fortitude: this is how strong are you in the middle of the battle in being like Jesus everyday. How long can you hold to God in order to be a blessing to others
      • Avoid the buttercup principle: derived from the song buttercup by the Foundations, do not push people upward and later to bring them down later.
      • The greatest room in the world is the room for improvement
      • Coincidences are actually God’s appointments: Have you ever considered that there is a point in your life that you have prayed to God to make a way for something and later he provides the way? That is not a coincidence, that is a miracle from God be thankful
      • Be the BUILDER OF EVERY PERSON: during the worship, Daddy O shared a few stories about the people who was inspired by Daddy O to not to continue their suicide attempts, he said to stop the gossiping, stop bullying and stop bringing people down but instead lift them up, build their character because maybe they are already broken from their friends, family, finances, health but get their pieces and start to rebuild them because in every remaking their is a new product/new soul  and THANKS TO YOU, YOU HAVE ALREADY SAVED A SOUL! I think this is the heart of the session of The Anniversary to be the builder and tool of God!

A PIECE TO SHARE: God made it possible for me to attend Feast Manila with friends

God is so good that he makes a way for me to attend a full-house event. My class is until 4 in the afternoon every Tuesdays and Fridays and Feast Manila always starts at 4:30 pm but because it is anniversary , a lot of people is expected from the event. I proclaim earlier in June after the poster of the event had been released, that I will attend this event with friends. And so He make a way:

My 2:30-4pm class is in off-session because we are developing our product after the initial reporting of a group that was finished in Tuesday, it was a BIG coincidence that the off-session was in Friday, the date that Feast Manila will be holding its anniversary. And God is so good that he my 11:30-1pm class professor is absent that he give me a time to work in my student assistant ship. I’ve also brought three friends, one is my bestfriend, to the event with my Feast Buddies, my schoolmates that I’ve met because of The Feast.


God is really good, all the time. It is great to believe even we can’t see it because we know that it would happen and we are opening ways to let the miracle channel in. Friends let’s be the BUILDER OF OUR COMMUNITY, friends, family, and others. Maybe they don’t believe in God, but you will make them believe by being more like Jesus everyday! God bless and bring out the best from you!

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