You as a child of God (grows, makes decisions, and loving yourself and other people) — A book review and insights on the book entitled “Spell out your love” by Obet Cabrillas


“I am not worthy. I am not good enough for God”

Statements that usually enters our mind. I have a news for you brother/sister! Brother Obet Cabrillas can change that for you. Spell Out Your Love is a compilation of articles and talks of Brother Obet in different magazines and talks. In order for the reader remembers a single topic, Brother Obet uses acronyms. Since it is a compilation, there are way too many topics. If you are not familiar about the topics, it would take three readings in order for you to remember the topics. But here is the thing, the topics will change how you view life.


From the topic that Brother Obet Cabrillas covered. I have made three important insights about his book and these are the following:

  1. You are a growing person
  2. Your greatest power: making decisions
  3. Love and respect yourself (others)

Let me explain the insights one-by-one.

You as a growing person

Learning and developing as person was emphasized in the book and I grasped two kinds of learning: number one is from the information that you grasped through life experiences and number two is the knowledge that you gain through the people with you. Brother Obet said, there are failures in his life but he did not make that past failures dictate what he can do in the future. He learned  from the experience.

Failures are just part of who we are but these not make us who we are. Because if failures makes you as a person, you are hopeless why? Because you will always think that every time you go to risk and challenges, you will always think that you will fail. But if a failure is only part of who you are, failure serves as the fuel to achieve more because you learned from it. I have remembered a line from the animated movie “Meet the Robinsons”, it says that “Celebrate failures because you learn so much from them. In success, not so much”

The path is more important than the prize.

According to Charlie Tremendous Jones, in the near 5 years you will be the sum total of the books that you have read and the people who you are with”. Choosing friends and also your lifetime partner is very critical because most of the time, they influence your character, the character that you will use in facing the problem. If you would like to start studying for your exam, do you think the kind of friends who don’t love studying will understand you? I hate to break it but most of the time its a big NO. Because its a part of their culture and it becomes a habit from them. There are only numerous people that would understand you if their culture is different from you. If you break their culture all the time, either they would adapt to you or you will be out (Most of the time you are out) and they would see your resistance as “avoiding” them.

Its time to be very critical of the character that your friends has.

Your greatest power: decision making

I have my director during my fourth year in High School that strongly believed that our greatest power is our free will or making our decisions. Whether right or wrong, exercising this power will determine what will be our future and what we will going to take. Here is the thing, many of us were stuck in the state of being indecisive and being indecisive sometimes lead in the things that we don’t want. Let me give you an example.

There is a person who wants to court a woman. This guy really know this woman for a long time but he doesn’t continue the pursuit because in fear of rejection and being afraid of what comes next if she becomes her boyfriend. There is no single day comes that he really want  to continue his pursuit to the woman until one day he became tired of his frustrations and agonies and made the decision: “I’m going to let her know that I am going to pursue her”. Approaching the woman he likes, he said the firm decision that he really wants. But to his surprise, the woman was already had a boyfriend only yesterday. She said to him, “I really like you but I don’t know if you really want to pursue me so I think we were just friends.”

Now that’s a big ouch. Indecisiveness my friend is most of the time lack of vision. Decisions are made from the dreams we want. If a certain activity is related to our dreams, our decision most of the time is to go for it and if it doesn’t fit, we don’t want it. Indecisiveness is a waste of time because the time you used in the state of being indecisive can be used to fulfill your dreams.

But woooaahh! Here is the thing, we must be accountable for the decisions that we are taking. The decisions that you made are from you not others. Even you tell me, “my mother told me to do this and that and also take this course that’s why I am miserable.”, I am just going to tell you that you made the decision to follow your mother’s command. There will be things that will be happening by chance BUT not all of the circumstance. One thing I learned from Brother Obet is if it happens by chance, pray; if it happens by choice, take action.

Decisions are the secret ingredient in the best seller and most controversial cuisine ever, CHANGE.

Love and respect yourself (others)

Do you love yourself? If yes why? Is there any parts of your body that you don’t like? Or maybe an experience that made you brand yourself as a loser? Are you an addict of something? Maybe drugs or alcohol or maybe approval?

People, I have a shocker, if you don’t love yourself, you cannot love others. Because loving yourself is creating yourself. If you love yourself, there will be things, talents, and gifts that you will discover within you. If you love yourself, you will know what is best and what is bad for you. In this case, you will choose what’s good for you and eliminate what’s bad for you. Now you maybe saying, “well that is selfish”. Let me give you a story.

I’m going to be real, I still don’t love myself. There are things that I cannot eliminate that I think that is bad for me and I pray that I continue to battle unloving and defeat it. But there is development in myself. I know now my weaknesses and I am starting to love them. There are experiences and things that happen in the past that will surely destroy who am I but I made the decision to put it behind and look for the possibilities of future. According to inspirational speaker Eric Thomas “I cannot go back and change the hands of time but what I can do is to make another history”. This is the mindset that I have adapted. Even though still thinking about it, I am starting to don’t mind what other people would tell me if it is not a constructive criticism. I am starting to learn from the failure and mistakes that I have done.

I am also encouraging you to do the same! Because creating you, fills you! If you have you, you have things that you can give to others. You have gifts and talents to sacrifice and used to bless and inspire others. Letting ourselves to blossom give other people to discover themselves and practice their own gifts too because if you don’t know and love you, there is only blank space, and if there is only blank space, the question is what you can give if there is only blank space.

Start to love you to have you, and to love and fill them!


About Carlo Gualvez

Librarian, Motivational Speaker, Author, Writer, Blogger I pursued this blog in order to touch lives and inspire others. For all the people reading this, you are free to ask questions and hopefully by the grace of God, I can answer it.
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